Used Laptops Fort Lauderdale

Used Laptops Fort Lauderdale

Nothing compares to the flexibility of a laptop. Whether it's some chill and Netflix in bed, working from your favorite restaurant, or shopping online, you can't beat the freedom of a laptop. However, upgrading your old model or buying your first ever laptop will cost you a considerable amount. Used computers and refurbished laptops are an excellent way of cutting down on the daunting expense of acquiring a new laptop. If you're looking for an affordable laptop, refurbished or used laptops could get you some amazing discounts on great technology. At Wholesale Computers &Technology, Inc, we pride ourselves in stocking high-quality refurbished, recertified, and new equipment.

What is the Difference Between A Used and Refurbished Laptop?

A refurbished laptop is professionally restored to almost new by a retailer or manufacturer and usually comes with a shorter warranty than a new one. On the other hand, a used or secondhand laptop is sold as it is. And the good news is, a refurbished or used computer goes for hundreds of dollars less than a new one.

Buying A Used Laptop

Several issues may crop up when purchasing a secondhand laptop. Besides the main concern being that it might be acquired illegally, you should also be aware of the battery life. Basically, if a laptop is over a year old, its maximum battery life tends to be much shorter than a brand new one,

If you've decided to get a used laptop, here are tips to guide you:

  • Test the Device

Switch on the laptop and use it for a couple of minutes. Carefully look at it and ensure all the parts are working. If you have any concerns, don't rush into parting with your cash.

  • Ask for Proof of Purchase

To ensure that you're making a legitimate buy, ask for a digital or physical receipt. If the laptop still has a warranty, then the receipt will be useful if you need to make a claim. Most sellers offer original receipts automatically. But in case they don't, that's a warning sign to steer clear.

  • Check the Return Policy

Casual sellers won't give you a return window. However, professionals provide a 30-day or 90-day return policy if, for some reason, you're not satisfied with your purchase. While this can't be compared to the 1-year warranty that comes with refurbished laptops, it still secures your buy. It's also advisable to do a bit of research online for customer reviews to check whether the seller honor's their policy. That way, you can buy in confidence.

Which Laptop Should You Buy: New, Refurbished, or Used?

If you're feeling overwhelmed about the types of laptops in the market, it's understandable. You can make the process much easier, whether it's a refurbished, used or brand-new laptop, by narrowing down your search to a few laptops that match your budget and needs. And we can help with that. For the best refurbished laptops and or new and used laptop for sale, browse through our extensive inventory or give us a call today on 954.633.5353.

Used Laptops Fort Lauderdale
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